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Your empowerment is our mission

The interesting thing about being in the presence of a truly empowered life is that we are moved and transformed by its essence. The integrity, passion, vulnerability, and presence expressed are deeply rooted in the clarity of vision and purpose attuned to who we truly are.  

So, whether you are an actor, who needs to work on your process or
needs to prepare for a role; a leader,  who wants to create transformation in your organisation; or someone who wishes to feel more confident and empowered in yourself, we've got a range of courses to inspire you to the next level...




Deepen your acting

practice and process

See your acting career go to the next level

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Empower your voice

to move others

Watch your confidence in yourself and with others grow

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Embody leadership

for today's world

See collective transformation in your organisation

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Hello, I'm Helena

I've spent over 25 years training and coaching actors for stage and screen as well as  leaders, and speakers from all walks of life. I foster empowerment, resiliency, innovation and transformation in each and every person that I work with.  I am constantly amazed by the profound humanity that radiates from clients when they discover a greater sense of who they are.  When they sit in the belonging of their own being, it is enough to change their world and the world of those around them. 

I have studied and trained in leading voice, acting and embodiment practices worldwide including Neuroscience and embodiment practices,  Organic Intelligence® and Fitzmaurice Voicework®.  Each practice offers a different perspective. The alchemy that occurs through these practices which are steeped in ancient wisdom, create a truly holistic, wholesome and integrated expression of the art of being human.  This is why the creative process is the soil in which the seeds of transformation are planted in order to liberate the infinite possibilities that were there all along.  

More about me

Actors, expand your creative process  

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Advanced actor training

"Helena is doing groundbreaking work in the field of training actors. Anyone thinking of upskilling, check out the next one"

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The art of the human voice

"This program has been life changing, a brilliant light source during these times. Would recommend to any human, actor or non-actor alike."

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The empowered voice

"Best investment I’ve made this year... the last couple of years for that matter! Truly exceptional and I am thoroughly enjoying every second!"

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Fran Nichols

Actress • Grey's Anatomy •

"Working with Helena has been life-changing. Her work reignited my love for the craft of acting."

Laurence O' Fuairain

Actor • The Witcher:  Blood Origin TV Series •

"Working with Helena has been a gift. It’s enriched my appreciation and approach to the work. You won’t find a better human to help you find the ability to breath through any story"

Clara Harte

Actress • Into the Badlands •

"Helena, through The Actor’s Practice, has reframed my whole approach to my craft, for the better!  The work is truly transformational"

Tony Doyle

Actor • Dublin Old School •

"Helena is doing ground breaking work in the field of training actors.  Anyone thinking of upskilling, check out the next one. "

Johanna O' Brien

Actress  • Krypton • 

"Helena is one of the most empowering teachers I've ever worked with and shows artists how to have a life long creative career through practical techniques."

Oscar Skaggerberg

Actor • The Last Kingdom •

"Helena’s teaching is beyond just acting. It's a way of Life. It's learning a new language - your body's"

What can you expect from working with Helena?

Helena Walsh Empowerment Studios are all about harnessing the power of what you already have - YOU. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Top techniques

You'll learn top voice, body and empowerment techniques

World renowned teachers

We've sought out leading acting, singing, empowerment and resiliency coaches to teach you

Connect with your clan

Classes are kept small with plenty of time for personalised feedback from teachers.  

Discover the power and potential of who you truly are


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