Hi, I'm Helena Walsh

I have always been curious. I spent my childhood asking question after question. I was drawn to acting because I have always been fascinated by the human condition, in particular its complexity and vulnerability. My mother, who was the most compassionate human being I have ever known, struggled with her mental health her whole life and was the very person who instilled in me the belief that every human being has a story, and that we are here to listen to each other and be loved in the shadows. It was the shadows that drew me - their fierceness, gentleness,  unpredictability, unconventional wisdom, and beauty. This ignited in me a lifelong quest to establish a sense of belonging and deeply rooted humanity in a disassociated world. 
I travelled to different corners of the world and worked with exceptional human beings who taught and coached me in the art of being human. Through this I found all the safety, ease, presence and enjoyment I needed to thrive in my life and career. It felt like training in a martial art, the aikido of being human. I explored the light, dark and shade of the creative process, experiencing a deeply sensual, pleasurable way of life.
Over several decades of daily practice in weaving together different disciplines I found the alchemy that led to profound freedom of expression and liberation of heart, soul and mind. Working deeply with complexity on my voice, body and imagination gave me a sense of empowerment and belonging. This daily practice anchored my creative force and rooted it in the here and now, which meant I could be of much greater service to humanity and truly liberate others. Out of this I co-created "The Actor's Practice" with my friend and colleague Benjamin Mathes, and designed a one-of-a-kind course called "The art of the human voice" with my colleagues Chris Edmund and Ruth McGill. 

My story


I trained and performed as an actress and singer, and then went on to become a voice, acting and empowerment coach. I studied voice through the International Roy Harte Centre in the south of France and trained in Fitzmaurice Voicework® at Central in London. I was appointed to the role of European director of the Fitzmaurice Institute and was the co-director of the Freedom and Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework Conference in 2016 and 2018 in Dublin and London respectively.  


Over the years, I became more and more interested in trauma, PTSD and anxiety, which were coming up a lot during workshops with my clients. After burning out in 2017, I discovered Organic Intelligence®, and since then I have been training and working as a human empowerment and resiliency consultant. 


My work in Organic Intelligence complimented the work I had embodied through Fitzmaurice Voicework, Roy Hart and my mentor Andrea Ainsworth. I became more curious about how we could create a more organic and holistic approach to the actor's process. So, with my friend and colleague Benjamin Mathes of Crash Acting LA, we co-created a ten-week advanced acting process. This was inspired by the week-long retreats we regularly host in Clonakilty, West Cork, where actors from LA, Ireland and Europe come together for an intensive week of acting and surfing. "The Actor's Practice", a compassionate and deeply transformative practice which moves both the actors process to a whole new level and changes their lives for the better. Leaving the actor confident, unshakable and inspired to feel more pleasure and curiosity in their life and art.  


Meet our Guest Teachers

Acting & Career Masterclass Maestro

Ben Mathes

Has been inspiring the actors who come to my studio for years now. The energy, wisdom and constant originality of imagination and thought he offers in his teaching empowers the individual actor to have more agency, clarity, purpose in their life and art. 

Head of Singing and Character Voice Operations

Ruth McGill

is the embodiment of all that is creative about a life deeply felt and lightly touched with humour, curiosity, joy and love. These past months she has worked with the actors on the “ Art of the Human Voice” weekly, in singing and character voice for animation. 

Acting & Voices for Animation Alchemist

Chris Edmund

His teachings bring each actor to a whole new level of embodying the story.
He creates a fun and easy space for actors to risk and go deeper so the nuance, paradox and complexity of the story emerges from the actors versatile and flexible use of the moments of the story.

Chief Compassion Officer

Steve Hoskinson

is a true leader for collective change and guest teacher on The Art of Leadership.    He is a world renowned trauma therapist and resiliency expert Steve Hoskinson, MA, MAT & Organic Intelligence® founder

Resiliency & Empowerment Forum

Boaz Feldman

is the cofounder of NeuroSystemics, a psychosocial methodology for resiliency & empowerment. As well as being an experienced psychologist and trainer acting for worldwide positive change.

Meet the Studio Team

Chief Administrator

Sarah Nolle

is a mother, a nature lover, an ocean dweller — and a storyteller as well as being h at the studio.  Sarah has been involved with performance and storytelling throughout her life. As an artist, Sarah has graced some of the UK’s finest venues, including Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Chichester Festival Theatre and The Royal Festival Hall in London’s Southbank Centre.

The Arch - Architect

Christina McMahon

Is the invisible genius behind the scenes.  She steers the ship through the  seas of marketing, apps and social media . As well as teaching speech on our “ The Art of the Human Voice “.  She is a gifted VO actress, comic actress and moves as only a comedian can in her own unique and stylish way from one role to the next.

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