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"The Empowered Voice Course with Helena Walsh is one of the greatest gifts I gave myself. This course is all about learning how to reconnect with your body in a safe, gentle and loving way. Working with Helena during this course, helped me with all the different kind of art forms like singing, dancing, speaking up and any other expression of life. When you work with Helena, get ready to get your life changed in a most loving and joyful way. Helena sees and embraces all of you. A wonderful, warm and powerful woman, who knows what you need in each step of the process. She will guide you in a way that resonates with you, your voice and your body."

Shalini Audhoe, Indian Beauty Queen The Netherlands 2017 and Miss Global India

"Working with Helena over the years has truly been beneficial both on personal and professional levels. I feel more grounded, aware and attuned with the world around me and how I can navigate it with more empathy. Joining the in-person voice course program or even her online Empowerment & Resiliency Circles have truly been empowering and her expertise will certainly impel your self awareness and guide you on your own journey."

~ Julien Finlay, Program Manager, Google 

If your intention is clear,
it can drive the expression

Just one note changes everything.
Come away from how to say it
and move towards the intention
behind the words.

The intention gives you a strength
and a strong sense of self.
Including all that the body
is experiencing and expressing,
it is the freedom of expression.
Free to express what is complicated.

Speak with Confidence

Learn how to really engage and inspire those around you

Speak with Clarity

Learn the power of intention and how to communicate clearly, concisely and affectively

Speak with Connection

Learn how to unlock and open your full vocal range and really connect with your audience

Helena knows how to help her clients achieve their goals

Because of her 25 years experience training actors for film and theatre, assisting as a voice and acting coach on countless productions.

Plus her training as a human empowerment and resiliency coach has deepened her understanding of trauma and anxiety in the body.

She designs well being and resiliency programmes for the corporate world and works with start ups and corporations like Google. Her clients come from eBay, Linked in, AIB, Facebook, Henry J Lyons and many more.

When it comes to the voice,
some of the biggest things in the way are:


"I hate the sound of my voice"

"People don't understand me"

"My accent is too strong"

"I feel disconnected to what I need to say"

"I feel out of breath at the end of the sentence"

"I feel self conscious about the sound of my voice"

And that's why we have created our 10 week voice course so that you can 

  1. Speak with clarity 

  2. Develop a depth of tone and a flexibility of range in your voice.

  3. Become more deeply connected to an organic and expressive breath,
    which will reduce stress, panic and anxiety.

  4. Become more confident with others in your personal and working lives.

  5. Become more aware and less self conscious.

  6. Become more empowered to speak your truth when necessary and needed in given situations.

  7. Become more connected to yourself, others and the world around you.

Here's what to expect:

  • Each week we will take a different skill using Fitzmaurice Voicework® to expand, open and empower your voice, deepening your experience and range of character and self.
  • Using Organic Intelligence®, we will work on the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms living in your biology, working towards a more resilient, present and grounded experience for you in relation to your life and career.
  • We will explore techniques from Knight Thompson Speechwork and Roy Hart work to bring greater clarity of intention, attention and precision to the physicality of the language of storytelling.

Here's everything that's Included...

  1. Weekly live interactive teachings using advanced voice and body techniques (including Fitzmaurice Voicework® & Organic Intelligence®) taught by Helena Walsh, International Voice, Acting & Empowerment Coach with over 25 years experience.  

  2. Each week, you will have access to an online library of resources and videos from the classes via an interactive App called “Kajabi”

  3. Weekly feedback with Helena Walsh on your questions and process. 

BONUS:   All the classes are recorded PLUS downloadable  guided practices for you to further your self study.

Here's how this works

This 10 week course starts 20th September until 29th November 2021

We meet each week with Helena on Mondays via Zoom.

Classes run from 7pm to 9pm (GMT +1)

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"Joining Helena’s classes was a leap of faith and quickly became one of the best decisions I have ever made! I came to evolve my contemporary dance practice to acting and what I experienced went beyond craft, these lessons unify the artist, the speaker, the human and offer a safe transformational practice to work with each day. The bespoke process that Helena guides brings artists and professionals into harmony with their environment, the environment of the body and the environment of our natural world."

Aoife McAtamney, Actress

"Working with Helena as a student on her voice course helped bring a sense of wholeness to my experience with the text, not to mention to my life in general! Helena's techniques brought me to my centre and connected every part of me and my awareness of my surroundings to my own voice and to the character I was bringing alive.  It was and continues to be a nurturing and empowering experience."

Rosemary O' Loughlin, Actress

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