The actor's practice:

The Art of Being Human

I'm looking for ten actors who want to expand their potential and craft. If you want to deepen your acting process and bring more diversity, nuance and complexity to your performance this is thew course for you!

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This actor training is unique and radically different....


With my friend and colleague Benjamin Mathes of Crash Acting LA, I co-created a ten-week advanced acting process that we named ‘The Actor’s Practice’. It was inspired by the week-long intensive acting and surfing retreats that we regularly host in Clonakilty, West Cork, which brings together actors from LA, Ireland and Europe. The Actor's Practice is a radical, compassionate and deeply transformative practice that both moves the actor's process to a whole new level and changes their life for the better. 

At the end of these ten weeks, you will be able to navigate any circumstance creatively and with deeply empowered presence, whether an audition, self tape or chemistry read, or a meeting with directors and producers on major film and TV series. As a result, you will feel more confident, unshakable, and inspired to be yourself. There will be an immeasurable difference in how much pleasure and curiosity you will have created in relation to your craft and life, and you will have an endless creative resource to tap into

Create fully realised characters for stage and screen

allowing the audience to feel the complexity of their own humanity through your embodiment of the story

Expand and deepen your acting craft

bringing more diversity, nuance and complexity to your performance

Access greater freedom and originality in your acting

freeing you of your inner critic, giving yourself permission to truly enjoy and find pleasure in the art of acting

"Working with Helena has been the most transformative experience of my life. Over the course of ten weeks, I not only noticed a distinct positive change in my acting itself but also in my approach to the craft and the quality of my life as a whole. In working with Helena, I discovered a deep freedom in myself that directly translated to my scene work. I discovered nuance and ease within my performances that didn't seem previously possible. Helena helps release the fear that often accompanies our work as actors, from fear of doing it wrong to fear of rejection, and replaces it with a gorgeous curiosity that renewed my love for acting. I'm so grateful to have found this course. It's changed my life and my art forever"

Sierra Kelly, actress, Passage (2016)

"Helena’s teaching is beyond just acting. It's a way of life. It's learning a new language - your body's. A language that will transform your relationship and richness to life and art, bit by bit.

You start hearing, listening and trusting your body’s voice and intelligence. Moulding your foundation to an intimate relationship with the here and now."

You will be a different person after: more you.

I would call this class the shakeable actor: cause more and more, moment by moment, I can shake with whatever comes my way."

Oscar Skagerberg, actor, The Last Kingdom (2020)

Acting and career masterclasses from one of L.A's top acting coaches, Benjamin Mathes!

Ben has enjoyed huge success in L.A as an actor and producer working with some of the industry's top international stars, such as Clint Eastwood and Bradley Copper. He serves as head of production for Seine Pictures, a film finance and production company based in Hollywood. He also runs his own acting studio, Crash Acting, in L.A.

Ben has taught across the globe in various universities and theatre companies, and has served as a voice and dialect coach for film, TV and theatre.



Acting masterclasses with Ben

The scene work class focuses on being in and experiencing the story, building a belief in story through specific tools given by Ben. You will gain an unshakable craft that allows you to risk, be dangerous and more creative as an actor in the incarnate experience of your character.

"You, the career" with Ben

Based on the top-selling book, “You, the career”, this is the only career approach to be adopted by SAG/AFTRA, and is the most in-depth approach to an actor’s career in Hollywood.

Here's how this works:

  1. This ten-week course starts Tuesday 21 September at 6.30pm (GMT+1) and runs until 3 December 2021

  2. We meet three times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom.

  3. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30pm to 9.30pm (GMT+1) for embodied voice, imagination and acting classes with Helena Walsh

  4. Mondays from 6.30pm to 9.30pm (GMT+1) with Benjamin Mathes for his "You, the Career" workshop/acting masterclass

"Doing Helena's programme, The Actors Practice, online was hugely beneficial. I was still able to interact with her and my classmates as well. I truly believe Helena is doing groundbreaking work in the field of training actors.

Really enjoyed this course and learned loads. Helena was in the room for my very first audition and I've been working with her since. Anyone thinking of upskilling, check out the next one."

Tony Doyle, actor, Dublin Old School 

"Working with Helena and Ben was one of the biggest gifts of 2020.

They are both incredibly kind, supportive, wise mentors whose nuanced, radical approach to the craft inspired a renewed sense of self and purpose.

I walked away from the course not only a more confident actress, but a more compassionate human being - more attune with myself and the million complexities of our ever-changing world.

I discovered a greater alignment between my life, artistry, and career, and a greater love for the practice and process.

The Art of Being Human was a unique, highly transformative experience, and I couldn’t recommend it more."

Maricruz Menchero, actress, L.A.

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